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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Ollie to the Rescue

Carr Primary School, P7
28th November 2023

When Ollie was born he had a huge head three times the size of its body. He had an alien mum and an alien dad by his side. He had a big sister called Ellie. 

He was born in the Marsian Royal hospital on Mars. They didn’t use medicine, only alien magic.

One day Pugsley ran away. He was chasing an alien bird and he chased it all the way up to the highest point on Mars. Pugsley jumped to grab the bird but because gravity was weak there, he started flying away...

Flying to the Rescue

Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School, GLSC 
23rd November 2023

It was the end of a good day, a fantastic day. Jumbo Bird was playing hide-and-seek with Cheese and Quackers in the grassy hills while Jumbo Bird was fetching broccoli for her wonderful children and friends. Cheese and Quackers was swimming on the water with their wings. They had spiky wings, and you could see the bones because they were very skinny...

Mazie the Dinosaur

St Moninna's PS, P5
21st November 2023Two dinosaurs making houses appear by stomping their feet

One day when Mazie was young she didn’t have a family and then another dinosaur family adopted her because they saw her abandoned in the forest. 

When the family adopted Mazie they realised that she was allergic to cake, and it was her so-called sister’s birthday...

The Adventures of the Ninja Winja and Milly Willy

HEdNI group
16th November 2023

Rebecca was Winja’s fiance. She had blonde hair and brown eyes and magic powers that let her speak to toys. Winja was dangerous and not scared of much. He was half ninja and half wizard. He had lots of cool weapons to fight with: a sword, a bamboo ninja stick, an axe, and a churican. His best friend was his pet dragon, Striker who was a big black dragon with three heads who could breathe lightning, fire, and ice...

Michael and the Ghost

Nettlefield Primary School, P5
15th November 2023A gorilla standing on a mountain hugging a girl

One day Michael was alone at his house. Michael was scared to be in his house on his own because there was a frightening ghost. He was scared because he lost his pet gorilla Scott, when his gorilla was at his house and his gorilla escaped. 

Jimmy vs the Pickles

St Bride's Primary School, P5
8th November 2023

Once, a skinny little boy named Jimmy grew up in a foul, smelly barn but he didn’t have any friends until one day he met a chicken-ogre called Jeff. Jeff the chicken-ogre liked to get into mischief, so Jimmy and Jeff did a lot of wretched things to all the animals. For example, they put pasta in the horses’ feeding bowls instead of straw and they put medicine in the water box instead of water...

Mac n Cheese

St Bride's Primary School, P5
7th November 2023A living macaroni and a living blob of cream cheese look startled at an exploding potion

Once, Mr Macaroni was an ordinary person working in a lab. He was working on an experiment and his friend accidentally put in a potion that wasn’t meant to go in and made it explode! Then Mr Macaroni turned into a macaroni and Mr Macaroni’s friend turned into a blob of cream cheese on the floor...

Bready and the Toastpocalypse

Harding Memorial Integrated Primary School, P6
26th October 2023

Once upon a time a bread named Bready woke up in a town called Gluten Nation. There was a person named Toasty who’s a toaster and he had a big stick which he could hit into the ground and lightning and potatoes would come from the sky...

The World of Toast

Elmgrove Primary School, P6
19th October 2023

This is a story about a piece of bread whose life is about to change. He came from a land called Toasty World.  His name was Mr Toasty. He had three siblings: a brother called Mr Cheesy, a sister called Miss Cracker and another sister called Miss Butter.

Fire Dog Gets Adopted

Elmgrove Primary School, P6
18th October 2023

Fire Dog was a collie and he had been in the dog adoption centre for two or three months. One day a family showed up and picked him because they thought he was cute. Fire Dog was really shy, and then he spotted something on the first day. He barked curiously at an immense bee. The big bee buzzed back.

“Hey, what’s your name? I’ve never seen a bee your size before...”