Welcome to our Library of Stories. Please click on the story title to read Chapter 1.
These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Bob the Brave

Poyntzpass Primary School, P5/6
19th September 2023

The village, Blackspark, got attacked by UFOs! Bob the knight decided to train a dangerous dragon so that he could defeat the UFOs.

Bob and his brother Josh had to speak to the dragon to ask for its help. “We need your help!”...

The Amazing Adventure of Frosty and Sam

Laurelhill Community College, Y8
29th June 2023

Frosty the Penguin lived in the Lisburn Aquarium. One day, he was fishing out of a helicopter over the Titanic when he accidentally caught a shark. Once Frosty the Penguin caught the shark, he fell into the sea and the shark brought him to safety.

‘Thank you for saving my life!’ said Frosty in a very tired voice, full of disbelief. ‘But I need to get back up to my helicopter, because I nearly dropped my box of macarons!’...

100 Years in the Past

Holy Trinity Primary School, P5
21st June 2023

Gemstone said, “It’s time I get a new friend, it’s kind of boring here.”

Gemstone felt like his mum was pressuring him into being friends with Gerard the Giraffe who was just a baby. Gerard the Giraffe always threw a tantrum when he didn't get what he wants. 

All of a sudden there is a loud and unexpected earthquake. A huge black hole appears and it sucks Gemstone in.  Gemstone is vacuumed into the past and is spat out into a scorching, isolated desert. 

The Old Cap

Bunscoil an tSléibhe Dhuibh, R6 
20th June 2023


Smack and snap went the mouth of the crocodile. 

The swamp was dirty, covered in plastic and green. A man named Patrick lived near the swamp and he was fishing and he saw the cap floating in the swamp and he called his friend, Michael over. 

“Do you think I could fish this cap out?” 

Patrick fished it out but something was tugging on the other end of the cap, something green and heavy. He saw two small eyes poking out of the water...

I'm Gonna Make It!

Christ the Redeemer Primary School, P5
13th June 2023


Once there was a girl called Carla who liked to play football. Carla had brown hair and blue eyes. Carla’s best friend was a medium sized German Shepherd dog called Bruno who barked but Carla could understand him. 

Every night Carla would say to Bruno, “I wish I had other friends and I wish I could win the World Cup as well.”

I wish I could do that as well, barked Bruno. “Bark bark bark bark.”