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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Golden Plunger

Mossley Primary School, P6

17th October 2023

One day as Alfie was coming out of school he saw a capybara and turned into it.

He went home and showed his best friend Jimmy who is a 100 foot rat. Jimmy was scared because there hadn’t been an animagus for over 100 years, because they got extinct as a big chocolate meteor fell on them and they turned into chocolate unicorns and hot chocolate...

Tom wants to be a footballer and score his first goal

Nettlefield Primary School P5s

Illustration by Aoife Osborne

11th October 2023

To be a footballer like Messi, you have to be healthy. Tom the strawberry plant is eating lots of protein and training really hard. Tom went to his friend, Crystal the robin, for tea. After tea, Crystal flew Tom to the gym in the sky to do healthy stuff and meet their other plant friends, who got there by rocket ship. 

Tom stretched his legs really far so he could throw the ball into the basketball nets...

The Egg Juggling Six-Year-Old

Mossley Primary School, P6
10th October 2023

Jimmy Bob Frank lived in an old town and the houses were made of wood. Jimmy Bob Frank lived with his father and his baby brother. His mum died last year. His mum was a firefighter and she had died in a fire when she was trying to save someone. Because his mum died Jimmy Bob Frank wanted to be a firefighter as well...

The Big Water Bottle Adventure

St Bernard's Primary School, P6
4th October 2023

Once upon a time Arthur was with his green alien friend, Paraka. They were in France at the top of the Eiffel Tower. There were 100,000 water bottles in the tower! Arthur was a bright orange slug from Mars who kept children away from their water bottles.

Arthur fell into a water bottle. Someone drank it. They got frightened and ran away...

So Nice of You to Coo

New Fighting Words Volunteers
3rd October 2023


Paul found it difficult to trust anyone. So, he’s been alone forever.

It had been a very long day for poor Paul the pigeon, and he needed a glass of wine. He flew back to his nest. He decided to call his best friend Taylor Whift, even though they never met in person. He knew that she could advise on the taxes issue. If he wanted to beat the Overlord of the Human Race, he needed that kind of advice.

Sandra and the Amazing Wishes

Illustration by Eileen Neill

Mossley Primary School, P6
3rd October 2023

One day a normal girl called Sandra was making a wish that she could grant wishes, but there was a big puff, and she turned into a witch herself. She wanted to grant wishes but she didn’t want to be a witch. It was Dorothy who was granting her wish, who was Sandra’s best friend. 

They were in the woods and it was scary. There were lots of snakes and lots of fog. It was really dark and cold. They were working on a project for school and exploring the woods, making a treasure hunt, looking for natural art materials. They were trying to find their way back because they got lost. They had been there all day and they were getting tired and hungry. ..

Bob the Brave

Poyntzpass Primary School, P5/6
19th September 2023

The village, Blackspark, got attacked by UFOs! Bob the knight decided to train a dangerous dragon so that he could defeat the UFOs.

Bob and his brother Josh had to speak to the dragon to ask for its help. “We need your help!”...