The Wizard’s Soul 

Rang 6, Bunscoil Bheann Mhadagain 
A '100 year old time-capsule workshop'

19 October, 2021

It started off as a normal day at the amusement arcade. John was at the arcade with his friends. He lived down the road so he went up to the arcade every now and then. 

John saw his friend Katie at the claw machine. Katie knew there was a magical jewel inside a bear in the machine. They wandered about looking for games to play and then went back to the claw machine...

Lily Meets Joe

Poyntspass Primary School P5/6

6th October 2021

Once upon a time, there was an 11 year old girl called Lily. She had a rough childhood and her brother Alex was kidnapped and brought to the Sahara. She saw her nanny Karen was running after the van that Alex was in. Lily hopped on her horse Rosie and followed the van to the Sahara...

Amy and the Cursed Violin

A '100 year old time-capsule workshop'
Fane Street Primary School, P6
16th September 2021

Ryan was a ghost and he was following Amy to her house. Amy’s house was near the park. On her way home, she passed by the park and noticed that one of the swings was swinging. She was confused because the park was closed and no other child should be in there. After she passed the park, she saw a car getting closer. She felt scared because there was no one in the car. How was it moving itself?

Shark Attack!

Wild World Heroes! Libraries NI
13th August 2021

Ursula was starving. She had been looking all over her underwater town but she could not find fish anywhere.

She darted around all the buildings, high and low, but could find nothing. She climbed to the surface and took a breath of

air and she immediately turned human...

The Tale of the Island of Doom

Wild World Heroes with Libraries NI 

30th July 2021

As Paul stepped out of his spaceship onto the Island of Doom he saw that the oxygen was nearly depleted. But luckily he could breathe carbon dioxide! He realised that most of the animals on the island had already died.

Some animals got into the ship which caused it to self-destruct to get rid of any viruses...