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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

Deep Into Space

Mercy Primary School, P6
17th November 2022

Bob and Jemima had been friends for over three years now. They met in a bin truck whenever rubbish was taking over their planet. It was sticky, slimy and smelly inside. Bob and Jemima both screamed because they were scared...

The Mystery Jewellery

Mercy Primary School, P7
15th November 2022
100 Years Project Workshop
Jimmy was on his spaceship on his way to Earth. He was a purple blob with three eyes, four arms and no teeth. Jimmy wanted to find more items to lure more humans into his secret lab to run tests. He was coming from Mars and it took him two hours to make the journey.

Jimmy looked out the window and saw darkness and stars. A comet went by and crashed into the spaceship He crash landed in Antarctica.

Captured in a Lemon

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P5
A Storyseeds Workshop
10th November 2022
Story Seeds Workshop -  part 1 of 3

Mittens the cat was chilling in the sun in Lenadoon park. He was stuck in a lemon. He was trying to eat a lemon and someone put the halves together and taped it up, then he got stuck. BLAST! Mr. Dragon’s spaceship had wrapped up Mittens. Archer, his best friend, came to Lenadoon park and opened the lemon and let him out.

Finding the Key

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary, P5
9th November 2022

An evil jelly created a massive nuclear waste cloud. It covered the city and Tank the dog was infected by it. He grew to an enormous size. Tank passed out after being shot in the eyes and woke up two hours later and wished to get payback. All of the jellies from Planet Jelly arrived on Earth. They wanted to take over the world! 

In order to defeat these jellies he had to go across the world to meet a really smart jelly. The evil jellies had locked up and hidden the smart jelly away. Tank had to find the key to release the smart jelly...

The Wildlife Friends

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P5
8th November 2022

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Phoebe who had a best friend named Betty, who she met when they were three years old. They both had big fears. Phoebe was really scared of snakes, and Betty was really scared of tigers. The only problem was that Phoebe could turn into a snake and Betty could turn into a tiger which made them petrified of themselves! 

They had a really good relationship and they went out every day, but something was going to happen soon...


The Greater God

Teen Storymaking Workshop
27th October 2022

The swordfish start to play as the mighty god Lenny arrives and walks among them. Lenny discovers the environment has been disturbed by the number of explosions. His mighty boots stomped into the sand, with his dark hair flowing behind him. He hoped talking to the princess would stop the attacks. He sees his rival enemy edging near him...

Bateson’s First Race 

Ashfield Boys High School, Y8
20th October 2022
A 100 Years Project workshop

Bateson was working when his boss came up to him and said that he was entering him into a horse race. He entered him into the horse race to make more money. Bateson was happy that he was going to get more money to provide more food for his family.  

On the day of the horse race Bateson was feeling nervous about riding his horse. He was worried in case he lost. He told his boss, ‘I don’t want to do this race! I don’t get paid enough.’ 

His boss told him if he didn’t do the race he would be fired...

The Shoebox Time Machine

Ashfield Boys High School, Y9
19th October 2022
A 100 Years Project workshop

One day, Herbie had just come back from the year 2347. He had just slain a beast.
Herbie was a forty-eight year old man who could fly. He was from the gas planet Jupiter and was visiting Antarctica...

The Pool Portal Problem

Ashfield Boys High School, Y10
18th October 2022
A 100 Years Project workshop

“Help! Help! Help us!” The kids were shouting. They had been in the swimming pool when a bad man threw a net over them. He used the net to pull them out of the swimming pool.

Simon Edwards had been sun-bathing next to the pool and he jumped in to try and help the kids, but he fell through the swimming pool time portal...

A Magic Pencil

Donegall Road Primary School, P5
13th October 2022
A 100 Years Project workshop

Thomas was walking with his friends and he saw a shop with a magic pencil. But he didn’t have enough money to buy it so he told his friends to wait outside and he broke in and stole it. There was so much valuable stuff inside that a big alarm went off. 

When the alarm went off it alerted the police station. 

Thomas was in trouble with the police for running away from them...