The Rise of Ground Walker

Strandtown Primary School, Mr Craig's P7
11th May 2023

In a galaxy far away, on the planet Natoo, there was a boy called Banakon. It was hot and sandy and not many people lived there. It was dry, close to having a drought and the footprints of the evil Bedpire were coming close.

Banakon wanted to be like his dad, a bed-repairer. He really wanted to have his own bed shop one day. He jumped on beds every day and that was where he met his best friend. Carl was a cool ninja (who occasionally liked to break beds).

In the meantime Banakon worked in his dad’s bed store but the rising threat of the Bedpire made normal life harder and harder. The Bedpire leader wanted to destroy all the beds, to make sure there were none left in Natoo.

One day they were walking back from school, chatting about the Bedpire.

“I’ve had enough!” said Banakon, angrily.

“Yeah. Me too,” sighed Carl, fiddling with his fingers and going silent.

“Why are you acting so weird, Carl?” asked Banakon.

Because I’m part of the Bedpire!...”