Mr Ostrich Finds a Friend

Carrick Primary School, P5
16th May 2023

It was after school, and Mr Ostrich couldn’t fly but he was going to try again. Mr Ostrich felt very sad that he couldn’t fly, but he was keeping his hopes up! He went home after school, and the next day he decided to try again.

Every day, he hoped that his class would be a little bit quieter. Mr Ostrich was a teacher at the Ostrich Academy, and his class was always noisy - talking when he was talking, and it gave him a sore head every day. 

On Mondays, the class played the recorder, and it was EVEN MORE NOISIER! And when he came home, he had an unhappy head but his friend, Billy the Sloth didn’t really care, and made a lot of noise.

Mr Ostrich went out to find a better friend, and he found one called Bob Froggy at Lurgan Park. They BUMPED into each other, when they weren’t looking where they were going. Mr Ostrich was jogging, and he ran into Mr Froggy, who was on his phone. 

Mr Froggy said, ‘Sorry!’ in a kind voice. ‘I was busy on my phone,’ he said, ‘and I should have watched my step.’

Mr Ostrich felt happy because he had found a friend who cared.

When Mr Ostrich got home, Mrs Ostrich wasn’t there so he called her phone as many times as he could. 

‘Please, please pick up!’ said Mr Ostrich sadly and anxiously. ‘PLEASE PICK UP!’

But she had disappeared…