Only Half a Tail

Stranmillis University College, BEd Primary Education students
10th May 2023

“Mia! Mia! Don’t jump! Your tail’s not long enough!” squawked Geoff through the darkness of the jungle. Lying in her hammock, Mia was dreaming about making her first swing.

Just as she was about to jump she woke up. She sighed and looked back at her short tail. Geoff was standing over her with his beady eyes. He’d heard her cry out in her sleep...

As the light shone through the branches, she looked at the surroundings of her treehouse home. She began to brush her purple fur and grabbed a bright yellow banana and sat on the ledge of the tree house. She overlooked the vast jungle.

Mia thought about the bad news she had heard from Nosy Nora the toucan.  The boisterous baboons were moving into the tree house next door. Mia hadn’t finished her banana and she always finished her bananas, Geoff noticed. As she stared into the distance, Geoff said,

“What’s wrong?” over and over again.

Mia found it easier to sing her emotions than tell them.

“When I’m feeling sad,” she sang from My Favourite Things.

Geoff repeated the line and then realizing said,

“Why are you feeling sad?”

Mia heard the reversing ‘beep beep’ of the removal truck down below. Butterflies twirled in her stomach…