Jonathan and the Long Lost Family

St. Columba's Primary School, P6.
17th May 2023

In the dark canopy of the rainforest there was a monkey called Jonathan who wanted to find his family.

His best friend Jim has always been there for him, through the hard times. Although he’s always weaving through the branches and he always gets lost!

Jonathan said, ‘Where have you gone, Jim?’

Jim replied, ‘I’m just above you!’ Jim was in the dark side of the rainforest where there’s not much sun so it was hard to see him.

‘All I can remember is I was in a tree with my family,’ Jonathan said. ‘The tree fell down and I drifted down the river away from them. Today’s the day I go and find them.’

Jim replied, ‘There’s an old ruined cemetery that we could start to look in. There are claw marks on the trees on the path leading to the cemetery.’

A big gorilla came out of nowhere and he had a big branch in his land. He let go and all of a sudden Jonathan and Jim woke up in the cemetery. They saw the claw marks on one of the walls. They were scared and confused.

They heard a noise from the back of the cemetery. It sounded like monkeys looking for help, trying to make noise by banging on the walls…