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These are collaborative story openings created by school groups and community groups.
Each participant writes their own Chapter 2.

The Tragic Story of the Cheese

Word Warriors Funny Stories and Jokemaking session
6th April 2023

Dan, the night Knight, was up in his room finding out about more cheese. He was also finding out how to build a secret layer lair made out of cheese. He thought he would nibble its walls. Whiule he was daydreaming Knightdreaming, the cheese came alive and ran away. But before he could grab it back, a mouse started eating it. Dan throws the mouse out of the window and eats the cheese. He started shouting for his mum to buy some more cheese, but then he realized she was already out, shopping...

Giant shark causes chaos in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter

The Word Warriors Daily News

Giant shark causes chaos in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter

17th October 1996

Report by: Word Warriors Staff Reporters


Earlier this morning, a giant shark called Bruce was eating the Belfast Cranes. 

People screamed and ran away to board a ship going to Scotland. 

One terrified bystander, Mary Smith, said ‘It’s the most frightening thing i’ve ever seen in my life! It had at least 500 teeth...!’

Grazer and Hoppy’s Shock

Rathcoole Primary School, P7
30th March 2023

Grazer lived under a massive oak tree in the middle of the forest. Grazer was very insecure. He just appeared one day. He’d had a concussion, he realised he’d bashed his head against a tree. Then he had the face of a fox. He could feel it with his hands. Grazer felt shocked, scared and sore...

How the Mermaid Got Her Crown

Portadown Integrated Primary School
29th March 2023

Once upon a time there was an evil mermaid called Kelpy who always wanted to be queen of the ocean. One day she was playing with her best friend Iggy the penguin.

Iggy said to Kelpy, ‘do you want to go on an adventure?’

‘Ok, but first I have to plan how to get the crown from the king!’ shouted Kelpy because she always got what she wanted...

The Two Bites

Holy Child Primary School, P6 and P7
28th March 2023

Once in the forest it was a rainy day. Balloon fell out of a tree and into a truck. The truck was on its way to a nuclear power plant and it was full of fruit and vegetables. The truck driver, Smoker, was from Ohio and was an ex-army man. He wanted to mutate his cargo to take over the world and some day the universe...

The Junglers

Word Warriors

23rd March 2023


Fade In:

Scene 1

EXT: In the jungle, night

ZAZ is a werewolf. He is using his claws to scrape through vines in a jungle. There is a full moon. TOM, standing in his hotdog stand, stares up at it full of wonder. He is waving, trying to persuade the monkeys to come and buy a hot dog...

The Evil Shoes

Portadown Integrated Primary School, P5
22nd March 2023
Once there was a pair of red trainers with eyes called Evil Shoes that liked eating toes. The man who sold them was very cruel. 

Everyone who came to his store wanted to buy these shoes but brought them back when they noticed all of their other shoes were all ripped up and the red shoes were trying to eat their toes.

Evil Shoes had started by biting the shoe seller’s toes and ripping up all the shoes in the shop. The shoe seller started painting other shoes red to disguise them, and Evil Shoes was painted brown. People didn’t realise this until everyone started getting their toes bit....

Einstein's Juicy Mind

Holy Trinity Primary School, P5Illustration of Einstein the Apple, created by Holy Trinity PS
21st March 2023

Firstly, there was a kid called Einstein (he was a uniquely juicy apple!). He once was the apple of his teacher’s eye, but then one day he fell from his tree with a SPLAT and a SQUISH! He lost a lot of juice, and got a concussion. He was rushed to hospital and the doctor said he couldn’t afford to stay in the hospital so he had to stay at home in his own bed.