The Wild Adventure

Strandtown Primary School, Ms McCoy's P4
2nd March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Molly. She was in her house looking at houses on her mummy’s phone. She was having breakfast. The night before, the frog from her garden tried to open the door with his tongue. He managed to get in by unlocking the door. He crept into Molly’s room and into her bed. Molly was shocked! 

“THERE’S A FROG IN MY ROOM, MUM!” she shouted. The mum didn’t hear because the frog closed the door quickly and propped up some pillows against it.  

Molly screamed. The frog screamed. The mum ran upstairs when she heard the shouts. She tried to get in, but the door was stuck shut. She finally got in, but they couldn’t find the frog. Her mum didn’t believe that there was actually a frog there.  

The next day, Molly made a pair of pyjamas for the frog from leftover cotton from a school project. That same day, Floppy the alien was travelling to Earth in their UFO. They wanted to make the frog the mayor on their planet. On their planet, Floppy wore green and black pyjamas because those were their favourite colours…