The Making of Bob’s Wish

Word Warriors

Illustrator: Wren

2nd March 2023

One day Bob who is a flying sausage, and the bread twins Crummy and Bready decided to go on a quest to climb up the H&W Cranes.

‘Nearly there!’ said Bob.

They came from The Bethany Chip Shop. They had been eating too many chips and said “I’m full, let’s go hiking to get into shape.” They decided to go there because they saw something strange on top of it. The strange sight was also in the news. It was big but he looked like a sandwich. 

Bob said ‘I can try to get into that because if I do people will finally put sausages into sandwiches.’ 

They wanted to go into the bread because they were hungry because it took them two days to climb up there. When they got to the top, they had dust in their eyes. They used grappling hooks. As they were climbing up their feet slipped and the last thing they saw was a hand grabbing on to them. It was Arianna Grande. She was doing a concert up there in music-proof glass. She eats Crummy and Bready. Bob is so mad, so he buys himself two other pieces of bread from the shop on the top of the crane. They were called Larry and Gary…