The Surprising Diary

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Farrell's P4
1st March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop


Once upon a time, a gingerbread man wanted a dirty old diary. This gingerbread man was very very eatable. This gingerbread man was called Johnny. Johnny was smaller than ordinary gingerbread men.

Johnny’s great-great grandfather had written the diary, and he wanted to know about his great-great grandfather’s life. His great-great grandfather was also a gingerbread man who was in the army. Johnny’s great-great grandfather was called James and he had told his son that he was going to dig a hole for a time capsule and put his diary in it.

One day, Johnny was watching Youtube, and saw an advert for a shop that was selling a diary for £200. He looked at the cover of the diary and saw that it said, “James’ Diary”. Then he remembered that his great-great grandfather had buried his diary!

Johnny put on his ninja clothes and became Ninjabread Man. He snuck into the shop at night, and grabbed the diary, and jumped out the window. He hid in a bush and felt really excited as he opened his great-great grandfather’s diary. Unfortunately, he got sucked into the pages of the diary, and found himself in the Gingerbread Man’s bakery!

Then, he heard an old lady’s excited voice, “I’ve done it!”….