Turbo and the Lost Racoon

Cranmore Integrated Primary School and Old Warren Primary School - Shared Education Group, P6
26th January 2023

Once upon a time, there was a frog called Turbo who could shoot lasers out of his eyes. He was a big, chubby frog, very cuddly, with huge eyes. 

When he was a kid, Turbo had a pet racoon called Rocky with a rainbow tail who was very cute. Then one day, he lost it. They were out at their favourite lake when Rocky ran away because it smelled eggs. After this, Turbo the frog was always afraid of eggs.

Since then, all Turbo wanted was to find Rocky. One day BreadDog called Turbo and said, ‘I just saw on the news that racoons with rainbow tails are going extinct!’

‘I must find him before he goes extinct’, replied Turbo.

On his journey, eggs suddenly came flying at him. They were minions of an evil egg-man called Toby. The only person who could stop evil egg-man was Dr Jumbo James, who could use his belly to blast people away.

The eggs were raw like stones, so Turbo used his laser vision to shoot the them. They exploded in the air above him. Turbo received another call from BreadDog.

‘They aren’t going extinct, they are actually being sold for millions of pounds because they are so rare,’ he said.

Then, BreadDog found an orb and ate it. This orb gave him the power to use orange juice to make wishes come true.

‘Can you use the orange juice to make my wish come true of finding my pet racoon?’ Turbo asked BreadDog.

‘I don’t think I can do that’, BreadDog replied. ‘There is no more orange juice left...’