Planet Problems

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P7
January 25th 2023

Hello my name is Jack and I am made from fire. I fell into a fire and that is how I became fireboy. I have a friend called Boxy who lives on Box World. I met Boxy after ordering a portal to visit different realms, but instead, I got Boxy… I never ordered anything from there again. 

This is my story on planet Earth. I fell off a cliff and landed here. Boxy was trying to get my attention but I didn’t notice him and tripped.  

Now Boxy is trapped on my planet and I’m trapped on Earth. I need to find new friends to help me save Boxy. I looked for an astronaut and I bumped into a 14 year old school girl who said, ‘good costume’. I replied ‘It’s not a costume, I’m trying to get back to Fire World to save my friend Boxy’. I continued walking and tried to find a shady place. 

In the forest, I stumbled across an astronaut but he was disguised as a hunter. The astronaut was jealous of my fire powers so he captured me and took me to a far away place to try and remove my powers. 

‘Please don’t kill me’, I begged. The astronaut put me on a rocket which sent me to Water Land. People from Fire World aren’t able to cross people from Water Land - they are our nemesis.  

Water Land is a planet of only girls. Between Water Land and Fire World, there is a bridge I need to cross. The Water Land girls sent waves but I turned them into obsidian to stop them. 

Meanwhile, Boxy had tried to jump to planet Earth but accidentally landed on Water Land. I had created obsidian which alerted the people of Water Land that I was there…