The Missing Sister

Strandtown Primary School, Ms McCourt's P4
28th February 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Late one night, many years ago, one little kid put their favourite board game in a time capsule. The little boy’s name was Sam. 

Sam went to the park bringing with him a time capsule, a shovel, a spade, an apple, a cheeseburger and a bottle of water. 

Sam sat down near the pond. He dug a hole, one yard deep. He decided to dig the hole underneath a bench to keep it safe from creatures who like to dig holes beneath the ground. He put the time capsule in the hole and covered it with dirt and grass. 

Just then, Sam’s grandmother came. She was there to pick him up. 

‘What are you doing in the park at night?’ she asked, surprised. 

‘I’ve buried some toys for new people to find new toys in thirty-three years.’ 

There was a scream from underground… 

Illustration of "The Missing Sister", written by Strandtown P4