Poachy and the Gorilla Called Luca

St Paul's Primary School, Irvinestown, P4
23rd May 2023

A long, long time ago there was a boy called Poachy who lived in the jungle. He was a special person and he was always kind. He could breathe underwater and he liked to swing in the trees. He had magic powers so that animals could talk to him.

One day whenever Poachy was walking about he found a mean boy called Slither who was half snake, half person.

Slither the snake had been climbing up the tree but Luca jumped out from the bushes. He scared him and Slither nearly fell on top of Poachy! But he grabbed onto a branch. 

Poachy and Slither didn’t like each other and they were about to fight.

However, his friend Luca the gorilla strolled over. He saw what was happening and said in a kind way, ‘Sit down and talk about it and don’t fight.’

Poachy wanted to make friends with Slither so they could team up and help people and the animals in the forest.

‘Sorry,’ said Slither and Poachy, and Luca said, ‘Let’s all be friends now.’

Suddenly, right in front of them, selfish people began to burn the jungle, setting it on fire!...