The Pig, the Monkey, and the Journey to Japan

Priory Integrated College, Year 8
18th May 2023

Jonathan the pig was at the airport, looking as smart as ever in his black bow-tie and waistcoat. He was waiting to show his boarding pass at the

gate. He wished he hadn’t made such a silly face for his passport photo. 

Illustration by Hamza Judah

He was so nervous, that he was debating with his best friend about being sick of all the French food. Jonathan was speaking too fast, and Bob struggled to understand his French.

Jonathan said, “Why don’t we take a selfie?”

“OK”, said Bob.

Jonathan said, “Stop looking like a monkey,” and Bob replied, “I AM a monkey!”

He sprinted over to the plane and sat down with his friend and started arguing about spaghetti.

“NO, IT’S NOODLES, NOT SPAGHETTI!” he said, trying to translate to the confused flight attendant. She had never met a speaking pig before.

Jonathan took a gigantic snort and the whole plane fell off their seats laughing.

He made such a fuss that the flight attendants couldn’t handle him, and he was thrown off the plane, and Bob followed.

“I don’t want to go on a boat, but I have no other choice for getting to Japan. All I wanted to do was eat noodles,” he said, sadly.

Later that day as they were walking over to the boat, they saw a sailor. She introduced herself as Tina the Talking Toastie. She was confused because she had never seen a talking pig before.

On the journey, the boat was sailing across the water, but it was going higher and higher.

They looked down in shock, and saw a whale…