Ella, the Abandoned Girl with a Time Machine

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P7
January 24th 2023

Ella was just a regular girl until she got abandoned at 3 years old in the Amazon rainforest, by her parents who were too young to take care of her.

Her parents drove her from her house in Brazil to the Amazon rainforest.

Whenever Ella was abandoned, she wandered about the jungle looking for resources. She was exhausted and tried to drink out of a pond when she met a sea turtle who she named Jeffrey. He took care of her and tried to help her get food like fish and mushrooms. He helped her to get across the water. Jeffrey used his fins to communicate sign language with Ella.

On her 16th birthday, Jeffrey brought Ella out to the beach, she found a big machine that allowed her to time travel.

She wanted to time travel back to being a baby to stop her parents from leaving her in the rainforest but… she accidentally travelled back to the 1900s in England to a mansion where she is greeted by guards who tell her to get out.

‘Leave her alone!’ a girl called Katie shouted out from behind the guards.

Katie had been lonely as well and thought Ella was the new maid.

Ella tried to reply ‘Leave me alone’ but no one could understand her because she only spoke Portuguese.

One of the guards came out of the mansion, spoke Portuguese and was able to translate Ella for everyone else.

Suddenly, Katie’s dad comes through the door. A loud air raid siren is heard. 

‘Find a place to hide!’, shouted Katie’s dad.

They found a place to hide in the basement and a full hour passed when they heard pounding on the door… ‘Open up, it’s the police’ …