Pete's Worst Nightmare

Killowen Primary School, P5
11th January 2023

A long time ago on the planet of Mars, Pete the talking Pelican was talking to a rock, because there was no one else on Mars to talk to. 

“I want to become a footballer and go down to Earth” said Pete. 

The rock started to grow arms and legs and eyes and a nose, Pete ran away, and the rock chased after him. As the rock was chasing Pete, it changed shape again, growing an extra leg, four arms, and loads of eyes! 

Pete took off, flapping his wings, and flew all the way to Earth. On Earth, he landed in a tree and saw a pigeon on the ground. He flew down and said “Hello”. 

The pigeon just whistled. Pete thought the pigeon was ignoring him, so he whipped out a ray-gun and the pigeon flew away. 

Pete kept walking and stepped on a pickle, it splatted all over him. It was a rotten pickle, mouldy and disgusting, it left white a green goo all over his feathers! The horrible smell spread all around the world. 

Little did Pete know, this was all part of Stinky Sam’s plan, and he was the most revolting alien in space…