Bob and the Blues

Ballysally Primary School, P6
12th January 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

A very far time in the future in a different universe, aliens had discovered Earth and humans had discovered aliens. 

Bob heard the news about his kind discovering humans and he thought that his kind and humans could be friends. Bob was on holiday and was out for a walk around the Moon when he saw something shining. He went over and saw it was a helmet. 

At that moment he saw a species of aliens, crawling up from the bottom of the Moon. 

An alien from another tribe, Fred Zar Narg, screamed, ‘Give me that back, that’s not your helmet, I saw it first!’ 

Fred had forgotten that he was wearing his own helmet. The helmet he found had a nice pattern on it and it was his favourite colour, dark green.

It had been left behind by John, a British soldier, when he dropped it after a battle with the aliens when he was running back to the spaceship. The helmet had powers of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Metal.

Bob yelled crossly, ‘No, it’s mine. We were here first!’...

Character ideas, illustrated by Sinead Farry