The Mysterious Collar

Coláiste Feirste, Bl10
8th February 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

Buster ran for his life down the corridor of the boat. He was limping helplessly on three paws because one of the sailors kicked him whilst he was sleeping. Buster’s owners had emigrated, but they had to leave him behind because dogs weren’t allowed on the ship. They couldn’t find any work so they had to leave.

Beside the docks, Buster was trying to find a boat to search for his carers, and kids were chasing him about. He was nervous and frightened and became violent. At the end of the corridor Buster ran in to a mysterious, grey-haired old man. Suddenly the old man grabbed the dog and stuck a collar on him. Buster accidentally pressed a button on the collar as he tried to scratch it off. 

The old man worked for the Dingle family, a rich family, who were passionate about creating time travel. When Buster pressed the button it took him through a portal into the living room of Dr. Dingle! Buster’s fur went up. He started barking and bouncing about and stood on Dr. Dingle. He was a green frog with poisonous stripes on his back that constantly changed colour due to his gecko genes. His stripes became red because he was intimidated by Buster.

Dr. Dingle squealed “Help me!” but no one could hear him because he was so tiny… “Where am I?” thought Buster. He could see paintings of the Dingles, and a photo of the old man from the boat. He could see a dog trapped inside a moving painting. 

Dr. Dingle’s kids, Emma and Emmett came in doing TikToks. Buster looked out the window and saw cars that he had never seen before. 

Suddenly Dr. Dingle turned into a human. “I wasn’t expecting the machine to work this quick…”