The Magic Bracelet

St Aloysius Primary School, P5
9th February 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop

“I want it!” said Seandow in an angry voice.

“No, I was here first and I think it should belong to me because cookies can’t wear bracelets,” said Lindy in a harsh voice.

They were at the park. It had a stream going past and it also had a couple of picnic tables and golden yellow ducks in the stream. Lindy had a treasure map that was given to her by one of her cousins. She followed the treasure map, giving herself the mission that she will find the end of it. The map led her to the bracelet. It was half sticking out of the ground, behind a tall tree with many, many leaves.

She was surprised that there was a bracelet there because she thought there was going to be gold treasure in a treasure box. Seandow and Lindy had met before when Lindy had lost her chocolate chip cookie at a picnic in the park, but Seandow looked much bigger than her lost cookie. Lindy had no idea how the lost chocolate chip cookie had gotten bigger. Seandow was so huge that he was as tall and thick as a tree!

Some squirrels came and took bites out of Seandow and the five bits that came off turned into mini alive cookies…