The Lemur and the Cheetah

PGCE English students, Queen's University Belfast
23rd February 2023


And just like that, they drove out of the zoo without arousing suspicion.  

At that moment two schoolkids at the bus stop turned to each other. “I’m pretty sure I’ve just seen a lemur in the back of that car.” 
“Catch yourself on, you’re acting like you’ve never seen a cat before.” said one to the other. “There’s our school bus.”  

“Of all the mad schemes Alexandra has gotten me into, this has to be the worst,” she thought to herself, bunch of bananas in hand, running around her house screaming for the lemur, “Greggie... Greggie... here boy. Why do all men leave me? This is my 'Eat, Pray, Love' moment! Alexandra is always having these mad adventures, leaving me with the brunt of things.” Maggie felt herself turning emerald green with envy. 

Maggie’s ex was also called Greg, who was in Majorca on his mate’s stag do. He had planned to take Maggie to the wedding and was now drowning his sorrows.  

“It’s a bit convenient that Alexandra is also in Majorca,” Maggie thought. “It feels like the last time when Alexandra stole Benjamin from me in the playground while I was in Time Out. He was my first love... I’ve never gotten over it.”  

A loud noise from the bathroom echoed throughout the house and told her something she didn’t want to know. She realised she left the window open.  

She stopped and slumped down on the bottom step of the stairs with bananas in her lap after searching for the lemur for hours. “Maybe it’s no bad thing,” Maggie thought. “She’ll get a taste of her own medicine when a man called Greg leaves her!” 

Maggie was still on the step staring at the front door when there was a knock at the door. Her heart skipped a beat. “Maybe that’s Greg back”! She fixed herself up and threw the banana bunch into the living room.  

“Alexandra, you’re back early... I wasn’t expecting you till Thursday.” The panic set in. 
“How was your trip? How was Greg?” Alexandra had a strange smile on her face, and a tightness in her eyes.  
“Oh I didn’t see him, he was with the boys. How is my Greg?”  
“He was a dote. I love him and he loved me.” said Maggie. 
“Not as much as he loves me! Where is he then?” 

“Well... he’s a bit preoccupied.”  
“An adventure...” 
“What’s happened?!” 
“He’s leapt out the bathroom window and I’m not sure where he’s gone.” 

“How do you lose a lemur…!” pulling out her lemur whistle. In doing so a small Polaroid fell to the floor face down at Maggie’s feet. Unsuspectingly Maggie picked it up for Alexandra. When she caught a glimpse of who was photographed, her heart stopped...