Hammy the Troublemaker

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Bell’s P4
7th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Once upon a time lived a happy family who loved music who had a hamster called Hammy. Hammy goes to Enid’s bedroom. Enid keeps Hammy as a pet. Hammy loves gold and she has a billion recorders that she plays every day. They are hamster sized recorders.

Belly was in the family. She was Enid’s sister. Everyday Enid would practice her singing and play her recorder. Enid and her sister were so good that they could make up a band. Enid and her sister were both 17. They were twins. Hammy heard about their band plan. She found a way of getting out of the cage and stole their trumpet while the sisters were in the kitchen baking cupcakes.

They were making songs in the kitchen. Enid was going to play the recorder and Belly was going to play a song. The band was called The Planned Band, and the song was called Bobbie the Footballer.

Hammy broke the trumpet in two and turned it into a jet pack…!