The Evil Laboratory

Killowen Primary School, P6
14th February 2023

One eerie night, an evil scientist created a robot dog called Max in a big scary science lab. Max was scared of the lab and the scientist and wished that he could escape. When he tried to escape, the evil scientist known as Jerry blocked all the windows.

There was another robot dog that was created by Jerry named Roy. Roy came to save Max through the air vents. The problem was with every single step they took, there were cameras in every corner.

“How are we going to escape with these cameras on?” Said Roy “Jerry’s going to know where we went.” 

All of a sudden, Max’s arm went tick tick tick and extended into one big long arm. “Wait, I never knew I had that!” said Max as he used his long arm to break the cameras. 

“It’s useful but it is quite loud,” said Roy. as the camera came crashing down with a Chss#sH! 

They heard Jerry’s footsteps coming down the hall…