The Majestic Adventures of Robin the Wolf Shifter

Hazelwood Integrated Primary School, P5
22nd February 2023
Robin was a fearless wolf shifter who liked mythical stories. She could turn into a wolf at night, in the daytime she was an ordinary girl.  

She was on her way to a new school when she got lost in the rainforest. She got more deeper into the rainforest when she kept on walking. After two days, Robin found a river and while she was drinking, a tiger came over and snuggled into her. Robin was scared and fell into the river!   

Robin said angrily, “Did you shove me? Why would you do that?!” 

The tiger pulled her out of the river with her paw, and said “I didn’t push you. I just thought you were lonely, so I wanted to come and give you a hug.”  

“That’s okay, you didn’t mean to, you were trying to be friendly.” Robin went closer to the tiger and said, “My name’s Robin, I was on my way to school and I’ve been lost for two days.”  

“I’m Lola. A friendly tiger that’s always your friend and loves cuddles.”  

Lola accidentally turned invisible! Robin was shocked, and started to look for her. When Lola reappeared, Robin backed away because she was frightened.  

“What are you at?” said Robin. 

“I didn’t mean to disappear! It just happens sometimes.” 

Suddenly it turned night time and Robin transformed into a wolf. Robin said “Oh this just happens sometimes - don’t mind, I’m an Alpha.”  

Suddenly three bandits came sprinting. They were part human, part pigeon. They had been hiding in the river, and they were looking to steal jewellery…