How the Mermaid Got Her Crown

Portadown Integrated Primary School
29th March 2023

Once upon a time there was an evil mermaid called Kelpy who always wanted to be queen of the ocean. One day she was playing with her best friend Iggy the penguin.

Iggy said to Kelpy, ‘do you want to go on an adventure?’

‘Ok, but first I have to plan how to get the crown from the king!’ shouted Kelpy because she always got what she wanted.

‘Ok, that’s fine,’ Iggy said cheerfully and joyfully. Iggy asked, ‘why are you so obsessed with getting the crown?’

‘Because it’s not fair how I’m not the queen of the ocean, it’s not fair!’

And then Iggy said, ‘why are you so shell-fish?’

He suggested, ‘we should go up to the human land instead of scaring everyone.’

Iggy and Kelpy jumped on a speedboat and headed to land. Kelpy changed herself into a human and Iggy into a little child so that no-one was scared by them. But Kelpy forgot one thing, she forgot to change her hair of snakes into normal hair!

Kelpy started looking to find fishermen, and whenever she did she wanted to ask them if they could get the king turtle. She said they could keep the turtle for free but not to damage the crown. The fishermen were terrified when they saw Kelpy’s hair and they called the police and Kelpy was captured…