The Two Bites

Holy Child Primary School, P6 and P7
28th March 2023

Once in the forest it was a rainy day. Balloon fell out of a tree and into a truck. The truck was on its way to a nuclear power plant and it was full of fruit and vegetables.

The truck driver, Smoker, was from Ohio and was an ex-army man. He wanted to mutate his cargo to take over the world and someday, the universe. 

It was a bumpy ride. Minion the monkey was climbing through the trees looking for an orange when he spotted Balloon in the truck. Minion had a baked bean in his hand. As he swung by he dropped it into the truck. He jumped in after it and picked up the first baked bean he saw. It was Gerry.

“HELP!” shouted Gerry. “I want to live!” He pulled out his three swords.

“Calm down, bro,” said Minion. “It’s alright.”

Balloon was wandering about, looking around when he saw Minion with Gerry in his hand. He saw Gerry struggling and thought it was unfair. “I’ll help you, you bean!” he shouted to Gerry. Minion climbed up an orange and jumped into the air…