Grazer and Hoppy’s Shock

Rathcoole Primary School, P7
30th March 2023

Grazer lived under a massive oak tree in the middle of the forest. Grazer was very insecure. He just appeared one day. He’d had a concussion, he realised he’d bashed his head against a tree. Then he had the face of a fox. He could feel it with his hands. Grazer felt shocked, scared and sore.

Grazer and Hoppy had been friends since they were really little. They met at nursery, and had been friends for fifteen years. Whenever anything happened, the other one was always there. They felt safe together. 

Grazer needed Hoppy’s help as he was shocked. Hoppy was a tiny rabbit who lived in a mushroom not too far away. Grazer went to find her. Grazer knocked on the door and Hoppy saw his shoes. No one else but Grazer knew where she lived. She said happily, ‘I haven’t seen you in ages!’

And then she noticed Grazer’s fox head and was frightened. 

‘What’s happened to you?’ she asked, sounding scared. 

‘It’s me Hoppy, it’s Grazer!’ he said. 

Hoppy was worried they couldn’t be friends any more because he had changed…