Henry's Horrid Day

St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School, P7
18th January 2023

Henry woke up and there were wasps all over his room. He got stung 15 times. His brother Steve’s axolotl was sitting in his tank just watching while he ate his popcorn from the night before. Henry screamed to his mummy, ‘Help!’. He had an allergic reaction and was swelling up. He ran around the whole house screaming, "HELP, HELP, HELP!", while swatting the wasps away with his guitar as they followed him down the hallway. His mum ran up the stairs and said, "Oh my goodness! We need to phone the ambulance. Calm down, calm down, they will be here soon!"

It took two hours for the ambulance to get there. Henry’s siblings, Steve and Caroline, began to get worried. Henry told them to shush and leave him alone. Henry did not really get along with his brother and sister so he went to the bathroom to get some cream to put on the swellings.

His mum said in a panicking way, "I am going to call the exterminator". She got on the phone to her brother Bob and asked very loudly, "Are these your wasps in Henry’s room? I’ve called the exterminator". Bob replied with fear in his voice, "I am truly sorry but please don’t exterminate my wasps". 

Henry’s uncle, Bob, had left all of his pet wasps in Henry’s room because they had been gaming all night and he was tired. He forgot to bring home his wasps. Bob came as quick as he could to see Henry and when he saw him, he fainted. 

For a couple of weeks, there had been police patrolling the streets because a meteor had hit one of the satellites and it was heading straight for Earth. 

When the ambulance arrived, out of nowhere, a T-rex jumped on the ambulance. The T-rex had fallen from space out of a meteor. When the exterminators arrived, it was running around crushing people’s houses. The T-rex heard Henry’s screams and started to bust through Henry’s bedroom wall...