Elizabeth and Rose’s Great Adventure to the Platinum Jungle

Word Warriors 

Illustration by Molly Martin

19th January 2023

Elizabeth was at home thinking about the jungle and all the animals. As she looked out the window, she saw the cranes of East Belfast on a misty day.

Rose the tiger jumped into the toy box and hid behind the other woolie, multi-coloured teddies, pretending to be one. As she hid, you could see the orange and black stripes of her back, her feline eyes, and her sharp claws.

As Elizabeth was looking out of the window, she wanted to escape out of it from the bungalow.

“Rose, let’s go! Maybe we can catch one of the ferries!”

Elizabeth explained to Rose the Tiger that they would be going to the Platinum Jungle.

Rose turned around in circles and Elizabeth knew that meant yes.

Elizabeth quickly said to Rose, “Go get the keys from the kitchen so we can get out the window.”

Elizabeth heard footsteps walking along the wooden corridor and she told Rose to go and hide. They both stopped still…