The Creepy Doll

Strandtown Primary School, Mr Mercer's P4
8th March 2023
A 100 Years Project workshop
Once upon a time there was a school and the teacher wanted to make a time capsule. They put the creepy doll into it. Overnight they left it in the school and the Toy Master stole it! 

When the Toy Master was escaping he stepped on a twig and it alerted the whole school. Everyone grabbed their pencils and started chasing him. 

The Principal came and phoned the police. The Toy Master disappeared then years later he realised the doll wasn’t like any other doll. 

The doll had magical powers that could make people fly. One day the doll flew away and was found by Gurg, the scientist. 

Gurg said, ‘Hmmmm, I want to turn this doll into a monkey…’ 

Gurg had overly large hands and when he was trying to turn it into a monkey he accidentally dropped it into the wrong serum! The serum destroyed the doll’s magic and turned it into a banana thief! Gurg put it in the trash. 

A day later, the Toy Master found the doll in the bin and he screamed because the design was off… 

Illustration by Mr Mercer