Jimmy the Magic Banana

Birches Primary School, P7
15th February 2023

There was once a banana called Jimmy. Not a normal banana; a banana that was as tall as a skyscraper. But there was one really big problem; Jimmy was really scared of Tommy the monkey because Tommy was better than Jimmy at football. Jimmy was also a little bit jealous of Tommy. Jimmy had a friend called Jamie the green goblin. Jamie was a criminal who robbed banks, but Jimmy didn’t know this.

One day, Jimmy was watching the television and he saw Jamie’s face on the news robbing the bank and called Jamie over to confront him.

Jimmy the banana said, “Did you rob the bank? Because that was you on TV.”

Jamie the goblin replied, “No. It was just someone who looks like me. Well, that was actually me.”

Jimmy said, “Why don’t you get me a spoon? I need to scrape all the slime off the carpet. I hate when you come into my house because you leave a slime trail everywhere. If you win a game of football against me I won’t tell the police where you are.”

Then they went to the football match and there was a magic pond beside it. It granted your wishes. When you fell in and you thought about what you wanted, you got it. Jamie really wanted to win the football match so he left Jimmy on the football pitch and said, “I’ll be back.” Jamie went for a walk thinking of how he’d win the football match and tripped on a big rock and fell into the pond. Then he thought about winning the football match and thought, “I should probably go back to Jimmy.” So then he teleported out of the pond.

Whenever Jamie teleported back, Jimmy instantly knew he had used the magic pond. Jimmy decided to hide that he knew what Jamie had done and just told him, “I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Jimmy lay down on the grass and rolled into the magic pond. He wished that he had arms and legs so that he could beat Jamie in the football match. 

But all of a sudden, Tommy, his arch nemesis, rose up from the pond…