The Chocolate Mystery

Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche, P4/5
30th April 2024

Run and Charlotte were in the dessert. Run ran really fast and found Charlotte the snake stuck in the rocks. Run did a back flip and made the ground shake so that the rocks fell away.

Charlotte was hurt by the rocks. Run picked her up and ran to the hospital. When he went in everyone was scared because he was a cheetah and they ran out.

Run put Charlotte on a bed in a hospital and said kindly, “Are you okay?"

Charlotte told him, “I will be okay”.

Run went into the shop to buy chocolate.The chocolate fixed her. It was a magic chocolate and then she was happy. Run and Charlotte decided to be friends.

Run and Charlotte left the hospital and started running in the sun. It was very fun. Then Charlotte remembered the magic chocolate. She shouted, “Hey! Where did the chocolate come from?!" 

And Run answered, “I dont know, let’s go find the company that made it.”

They found the company and went inside. They said in confusion, “Do you know how they made this chocolate?”

The chocolate maker replied, “We found magic dirt..."