The Alien Invasion

Ballymacrickett PS, P6
30th April 2024

Josh had just crashed in front of an ice cream shop! All the people were confused and terrified because his ship had just landed in front of an ice cream shop radiantly. Josh said,’Give me an ice cream!’ So the shop keeper said no and Josh hammered the shop with his hand with anger.

He then ran away to an underground play park and the electricity went out. Everything went black. He met a small child called Bobby and Bobby asked him, ‘Why are you here?’ 

Josh replied ‘Who’s there?’ He was terrified and couldn’t see anything.

‘It’s me, Bobby.’ ‘Hi!’ said Josh. He was confused. He didn’t have anywhere to live because his ship had crashed. ‘Can I come home with you? I don’t have anywhere to live.’

Bobby said he could come and stay in his house. But when they were going home they had to cross a bridge. Josh started moving backwards slowly and started to run away. Bobby ran after him. As he was running away he came across a pond. But he didn’t see it and fell in! He started to freak out and Bobby found him and helped him out. Josh was afraid of water because on Mars there’s no water and he didn’t know what it was!!

Josh asked Bobby if he had any ice cream!

‘Do you want to know something? I’m afraid of water too. So let’s be afraid together,’ said Bobby. ‘I don’t have any ice cream because the stock has run out!’ Then Bobby said, ‘Let’s just go home and play FIFA!’ 

On the way home they tripped over a small, slimy rock and fell in the water…