Wee Barry and the Big Adventure 

Stranmillis Students
1st May 2024

Barry woke up and stretched. He had been sleeping in a pile of hay in the barn. The cloud had been staring at him to wake up him up. 

Barry barked tiredly, “What are you looking at, Darla?” 

“Happy Birthday, Barry,” Darla puffed. 

Barry’s mum said, “Who are you talking to?” with a concerned face.

“Nobody Mum.” 

Barry sulked off because his Mum didn’t tell him happy birthday. Barry scampered into the field with his sack, to do his morning duties. This morning he was picking potatoes, even though it was his birthday and everybody had forgotten, he had to carry on with his work. 

The farmer came along, patted him on the head and said, “Are you looking forward to your party?”

“That’s if anyone remembers” groaned Barry. 

Suddenly, a meteor fell from the sky leaving a massive crater in the field. Barry’s wee tail wagged with excitement and he approached the crater to have a better look. All the other animals ran away to hide. Darla appeared at his shoulder to warn him of the danger. It startled Barry he somersaulted down the abyss.

At the bottom he saw a meteor shaped like a birthday cake. He took a bite out of the cake and to his surprise he floated upwards…