The Big Water Bottle Adventure

St Bernard's Primary School, P6
4th October 2023

Once upon a time Arthur was with his green alien friend, Paraka. They were in France at the top of the Eiffel Tower. There were 100,000 water bottles in the tower! Arthur was a bright orange slug from Mars who kept children away from their water bottles.

Arthur fell into a water bottle. Someone drank it. They got frightened and ran away.

The year was 2033. Arthur, after he came out of the water bottle, looked sluggish. 

Because he was so sluggish he fell off the Eiffel Tower! But because he didn’t have any bones he survived. 

Then the Foot Monster nearly squashed him! Arthur slid as fast as he could away from the Foot Monster but he was too slow. Paraka jumped off the Eiffel Tower with a parachute and saved Arthur from the Foot Monster.

The Foot Monster was still chasing them though. Paraka picked up Arthur the slug and since Paraka was an alien they had supersonic speed powers. 

Paraka took him to a coffee shop and they ordered a croissant and they had a nice chilled time. 

‘Holly jolly that was scary,’ said Arthur. He was very nervous and excited at the same time.

‘I came from Area 51. This happens all the time there,’ groaned Paraka.

They looked out the window and saw that the Foot Monster had a jet pack!

‘Oh no!’ said Arthur but then the Foot Monster’s jet pack exploded.

They ran away to the airport and got on a private jet and flew to Spain.

But then in Spain they saw the Foot Monster’s even bigger brother!

The Foot Monster’s brother was running towards them, very slow because it only had one foot.

The reason they went to Spain was because the World’s Biggest Water Bottle was there.

They found the World’s BWB and Arthur was too excited and jumped in before Paraka.

The Foot Monster’s brother destroyed the water bottle but Arthur managed to get out safely. 


They don’t know it but the last BWB was in Africa…