So Nice of You to Coo

New Fighting Words Volunteers
3rd October 2023

Paul found it difficult to trust anyone. So, he’s been alone forever.

It had been a very long day for poor Paul the pigeon, and he needed a glass of wine. He flew back to his nest. He decided to call his best friend Taylor Whift, even though they never met in person. He knew that she could advise on the taxes issue. If he wanted to beat the Overlord of the Human Race, he needed that kind of advice.

As soon as she answered the phone, she got to the point.

‘I know April is always a really difficult time for you,’ said Taylor

‘Thank you, Taylor Whift. In all my studies of the human race, I have never mastered taxes,’ said Paul in an exasperated voice.

Taylor decided that as well as helping Paul with his taxes, she was going to help him overthrow the Tax Overlord of the Human Race. 

Paul looked around him at all the other pigeons in the nest, but they started to hear a strange noise in the distance. Almost like a loud boom - the pigeons flew off in every direction….