The Golden Wheelchair

Elmgrove Primary School, P6
5th October 2023Illustration of "The Golden Wheelchair" showing the main character Matt and best friend Joshy on the football pitch

Matt likes to play football for Wheelchair FC. Joshy the wheelchair is a goalkeeper. He likes to do backflips and then saves from the back corner. Joshy and Matt are best friends.  

The wheelchair can only save the goals by doing backflips! He’s the best goalkeeper in the world. Joshy met Matt on his football team. Joshy and Matt are best friends from their football team. That night, at 6 o'clock, they were playing a match and Joshy saved a goal and gave it to Matt who went on to score. 

Joshy won the Golden Wheelchair trophy. Matt was jealous and wasn’t best friends with Joshy anymore. Joshy left the team because he was angry and upset. He left without telling Matt that he was joining a new team, Aliens FC. 

The wheelchair was afraid that he would lose his best friend.  

‘I’m the best goalkeeper ever because I saved the penalty,’ he said excitedly. ‘But I don’t want to lose my best friend!’ 

The next day at school they started talking about it. 

Matt said, ‘Sorry about being jealous.’ 

‘Me too,’ said Joshy. 

‘Let’s go on holiday together!’ said Matt. 

Joshy said, ‘Let’s go to Hawaii!!’ 

The pilot of the plane was a granny with pencils for legs and rubbers for arms. 

The pilot said over the speaker, panicked but trying to stay calm, ‘There’s a lot of bad turbulence. We need to make an emergency landing!’ 

The granny lost her glasses in the turbulence and she got scared and confused and landed in the middle of Asia. 

Matt started screaming randomly because he’d lost his phone. He started to cry. 

When everyone got off the plane it went on fire. 

Matt looked around and couldn’t find his friend Joshy… 

Illustration of character ideas.
Illustrations by Sinead Farry