Integrated College Dungannon, Year 13
25th April 2024

Vivian was on her own. 

Ever since that day when she lost her mother. It had always just been her, until the day she finally met her companion. 

One bitterly cold November night, Vivian had been walking in the forest alone, really isolating herself. She felt an inner turmoil weighing on her chest. She felt guilty, because she was the only one left. 

Suddenly she felt a sense of warmth within herself and a black-and-white kitten came up and brushed against her leg. She felt a temporary moment of joy. 

‘You’re a peculiar little thing. You remind me of the cat that Mother gave me.’ 

Three days later, the kitten brought her mother’s blanket that she had put away for safekeeping. In her heart, she realised with a shock that this cat was truly special…