The Tragic Story of the Cheese

Word Warriors Funny Stories and Jokemaking session
6th April 2023

Dan, the night Knight, was up in his room finding out about more cheese. He was also finding out how to build a secret layer lair made out of cheese. He thought he would nibble its walls. Whiule he was daydreaming Knightdreaming, the cheese came alive and ran away. But before he could grab it back, a mouse started eating it. Dan throws the mouse out of the window and eats the cheese. He started shouting for his mum to buy some more cheese, but then he realized she was already out, shopping.

When Dan’s mum came back she put the shopping up in Dan’s room and once she unpacked it, the cheeses started running around Dan’s room and eating all of Dan’s things! Dan grabbed all the cheeses and stuffed them into his mouth. Then he started uncontrollably running and jumping around and he realized he shouldn’t have asked his mum to go shopping in the magic cheese shop..!

Original Jokes:

How many times averagely does an octopus try to get the ball in a football game?

Ten tackles.

More to come...