Tom wants to be a footballer and score his first goal

Nettlefield Primary School P5s

Illustration by Aoife Osborne

11th October 2023

To be a footballer like Messi, you have to be healthy. Tom the strawberry plant is eating lots of protein and training really hard. Tom went to his friend, Crystal the robin, for tea. After tea, Crystal flew Tom to the gym in the sky to do healthy stuff and meet their other plant friends, who got there by rocket ship. 

Tom stretched his legs really far so he could throw the ball into the basketball nets. 

Tom is afraid of the dark, because he doesn’t know what is in the dark and doesn’t understand why it gets dark at night. Tom and Crystal stay in the gym too long, and it becomes dark. Tom goes back into the gym, because he forgot to do his pull-ups, and that’s when he realises he has stretchy arms. 

He comes out of the gym into the black night and sees an enormous gold, silver and rainbow caterpillar with a red balloon. The caterpillar is 300 inches tall and is hairy and poisonous. 

Tom climbs on Crystal’s back and they fly away from the hairy poisonous caterpillar, but the caterpillar can fly too. Tom tries to kick the caterpillar out of the sky with his big long legs, but it doesn’t work, and the caterpillar gets angry.

“AAARRGGGGHHH” shouts the caterpillar. The caterpillar turns red and turns into a giant flaming fireball and doubles in size…