The Golden Plunger

Mossley Primary School, P6

17th October 2023

One day as Alfie was coming out of school he saw a capybara and turned into it.

Illustration by Ben Claxton

He went home and showed his best friend Jimmy who is a 100 foot rat. Jimmy was scared because there hadn’t been an animagus for over 100 years, because they got extinct as a big chocolate meteor fell on them and they turned into chocolate unicorns and hot chocolate.

Because Jimmy was a secret wizard, he had turned Alfie into an animagus.

Jimmy said, “I am happy, I like to eat capybaras in my free time.”

Then he started to chase Alfie because he wanted to eat him.

A monster called Grimmy from Ohio turned Alfie into a human again so Jimmy wouldn’t try to eat him. Jimmy didn’t eat Alfie. Then Alfie took him to a capybara outside of the school. The capybara hit Jimmy in the leg and he fell over and broke his leg. 

Then the capybara ambulance pulled up and he was taken to the capybara hospital where the biggest bird, an eagle called Patricia the party-pooper, helped him. 

And then Patricia was gifted a holy plunger by Peter the plumber. Patricia, Jimmy and Alfie all did a backflip …