The Reverse World of Spoodaman

Rathcoole Primary School, P6 & P7
20th September 2023A spoon-themed superhero swinging through the air using a giant spoon on the end of a chain.

Once a upon a time, there was a man named Spoodaman. He was born in 1523 in City York New, ASU, on Planet Ohio in the Copy Galaxy of the Spooda-verse. 

Spoodaman’s greatest wish was to find a fork to use to eat his favourite cereal, Fruit Loops. His biggest fear was everything original, including Spiderman who lived in New York City.

One night, Spoodaman was visiting a place named Jerry McFisher. He was travelling by shooting spoons from his hands and using them as grappling hooks. He was swinging between the buildings when his greatest rival, Reverse Man, appeared out of nowhere.  

“Spoodaman, hello. You reverse to come have I,” he said, grinning upside down.

Spoodaman tried to shoot a spoon at Reverse Man but it came out as a web…