Bob the Brave

Poyntzpass Primary School, P5/6
19th September 2023

The village, Blackspark, got attacked by UFOs! Bob the knight decided to train a dangerous dragon so that he could defeat the UFOs.

Bob and his brother Josh had to speak to the dragon to ask for its help. “We need your help!”

The dragon pretended to be really fierce when really it was scared. Bob tried to settle it down, and they became friends. Bob could speak dragon language and asked the dragon for his name. “My name is Jimmy”, said the dragon. 

Jimmy showed them a scar on his body, and said nervously, “I was in a fight before with a man who hurt me”. 

They train Jimmy for a few days to be a better fighter and eventually Jimmy wasn’t afraid. 

Bob, Josh and Jimmy return to the village to find it was in ruins…