Pablo's Arrival

Strandtown Primary School, Ms Keown's P7
18th April 2023

There once was a man called Grandpa Jimbo who lived in Jimbo-Ville. Grandpa Jimbo had been the Mayor of Jimbo-Ville for 20 years, the shortest time in the history of Jimbo-Ville. Everybody in Jimbo-ville lived in jumbo-sized mushrooms. Each mushroom was the size of a castle and was on wheels so that it could be driven about. Each year the mushrooms grew a tiny bit bigger.

One evening, Grandpa Jimbo was sitting at his desk on his laptop. He had a glass of orange juice and a bowl of spaghetti. He was thinking about the house he was going to buy. He needed 300 Jimbo dollars for the deposit. It was really a very, very expensive house.

“Money, money, money...”, he sang quietly to himself.

Crack. There was a noise downstairs. Grandpa Jimbo crept downstairs, thinking, if only I could get to my ninja air-fryer.

He heard a moo.

“PABLO!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed. The multicoloured spots of Pablo, the holy cow, shone blindingly in Grandpa Jimbo’s eyes…