Mac n Cheese

St Bride's Primary School, P5
7th November 2023A living macaroni and a living blob of cream cheese look startled at an exploding potion

Once, Mr Macaroni was an ordinary person working in a lab. He was working on an experiment and his friend accidentally put in a potion that wasn’t meant to go in and made it explode! Then Mr Macaroni turned into a macaroni and Mr Macaroni’s friend turned into a blob of cream cheese on the floor. 

Two weeks earlier, they both had other things on their mind. Mr Cream Cheese had met Mr Macaroni’s cousin before, and he had two bandaged knees to prove it. 

In the laboratory, Mr Cream Cheese smelled something in the microwave and climbed in. Mr Macaroni decided to throw macaroni at the houses because he felt left out that he was the only macaroni person. Then when Mr Macaroni saw his friend climb into the microwave, he stopped throwing macaroni and ran to the microwave. He hit the button and the door banged shut. Mr Macaroni realised that every time he ran or walked, little pieces of macaroni would fall off him. He felt sad because he didn’t want to be extinct. When he walked, little pieces fell off him, but when he ran, bigger pieces fell off him. 

“Oh no! What the macaroni is happening?! Why am I falling apart? I feel like I’m going to turn into a sausage that has come out of a kebab! Wait, I’m not a sausage…” 

When he was leaving the kitchen, he thought he saw something that looked like a hotdog but he thought it was just in his mind… BASH! CRASH!...