Jimmy vs the Pickles

St Bride's Primary School, P5
8th November 2023

Once, a skinny little boy named Jimmy grew up in a foul, smelly barn but he didn’t have any friends until one day he met a chicken-ogre called Jeff. Jeff the chicken-ogre liked to get into mischief, so Jimmy and Jeff did a lot of wretched things to all the animals. For example, they put pasta in the horses’ feeding bowls instead of straw and they put medicine in the water box instead of water.

One day, Jeff the chicken-ogre went a bit too far in his little pranks and put pickles in Jimmy’s fruit salad that he was going to have for dinner. Jimmy’s biggest fear was pickles! 

Jimmy woke up feeling nauseous and he couldn’t remember anything. Jeff had accidentally made a pickle explosion and Jimmy fell asleep for three months. After a long time, he finally woke up in a pickle invasion! The pickles had been hiding in a cornfield, and they crawled and jumped out during the explosion. They were the size of a normal pickle, but there were a hundred-thousand-billion of them!

When Jimmy saw them, he was so scared that he tried to sprint away, but they cornered him. He was so petrified that he fainted. The pickles lifted him up and took him to the cornfield where they made a prison cell and locked him up.

Jimmy saw Jeff for the first time in a week and shouted, “Get me out of here! Can’t you just destroy these pickles?” 

Jeff tried to use his destroying powers but his hands got cuffed so he couldn’t use his powers to destroy the pickles. The Pickle God knew about his powers…