Speedy’s Big Adventure

Harmony Primary School, P4
12th November 2021

One day there was a boy called Speedy who was running really fast doing his morning jog. Speedy had a blue mohawk and he was ten years old. Speedy was running too fast and he ran into his best friend Mr Freeze.

Mr Freeze, who had the power to freeze people, was with his girlfriend and their baby. They were walking to the park.

Speedy hurt himself when he bumped into the baby’s pram. 

Mr Freeze shouted, “Slow down!”

Speedy felt sad because he nearly broke his friend’s pram. He hurt his chest so he went home to lie down in bed.

Speedy was worried that he had upset his friend because he had damaged the pram. 

“I WISH I was as slow as Mr Freeze so that I didn’t run into people,” Speedy thought to himself.

He didn’t want it to happen again….